Synergetic Endeavors provides trade associations and professional societies a single firm partnership capable of easily complementing current staff efforts or running all aspects of your organization. Our experienced team will augment, assist and add the needed bandwidth to help your association meet its goals.

Our clients have ranged from small non-profits and statewide organizations to international business trade groups. These clients have utilized our team’s unique skillset to add depth and breadth to their member and partner development efforts, strengthening the revenue sources that power their associations and helping to more efficiently and cost effectively achieve their desired outcomes.
Synergetic Endeavors can serve as your PR & Communications liaison, assisting with association publications and digital content, as well as plan and manage association-related meetings, conferences, and events.


  • Association Development and Management
  • Membership Engagement, Acquisition and Retention
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Publications
  • Public Relations
  • Budgeting Development and Compliance
  • Sponsorships & Advertising Sales
  • Education & Professional Development
  • Meeting, Conference, and Event Planning & Management
  • Board Staffing, Management, and Governance
  • IT Support & Graphic Design

Coalition Building

Synergetic Endeavors has a long track record of building unique, robust coalitions from the ground up and developing, expanding, and executing comprehensive advocacy strategies to ensure the best possible results for those clients.

Our team is well-versed in managing all aspects of an initiative as well as focusing on individual components of a more global strategy. From high-level lobbying and communications to on-the-ground grassroots and grasstops efforts, we are able to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure. We draw upon decades of experience in planning, managing, and executing all facets of political and issue advocacy campaigns. These campaigns have included individual state-wide coalitions looking to directly influence legislation, national trade associations & coalitions pressuring members of Congress or Executive Branch officials on federal regulatory issues, nationwide state legislative campaigns, and traditional political campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our clients have ranged from industry-specific coalitions whose membership shares easily identifiable motivations to broad-based coalitions of unlikely allies. We understand that the most successful coalitions have one thing in common: they capitalize on the unique strengths of individual coalition members and advocates. We believe in leveraging those strengths as part of a “surround sound” approach to advocacy that delivers the greatest possible impact on elected officials and other policymakers.

Our long-standing relationships in the political, non-profit, and corporate communities in the Midwest and throughout the country are a valuable asset as we work with policymakers and stakeholders on both sides of the aisle to make progress on our clients’ issue priorities.


  • Coalition Creation & Member Recruitment
  • Member Mobilization
  • Coalition Funding Structures
  • Board of Directors Staffing, Management, and Governance
  • Staff and Vendor Management
  • Coalition Member Presentations

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