Synergetic Endeavors has built a national reputation for providing exceptional service in the areas of Business Development, State, Regional, and National Convention Planning, Event Creation & Management, Association Management & Coalition Building, Grassroots/Grasstops Mobilization, Fundraising, Public Relations, and Government Affairs.

We believe the foundation for success in business, the public sector, and the political arena is built on the cultivation and preservation of meaningful, substantive, and trusted relationships.

With this founding principal in mind, and through the wide array of services and sectors in which we operate, our team can quickly and effectively access high-value decision makers and influencers, as well as advise on the best strategy and approach to achieve success.

Synergetic Endeavors is proud to represent a diverse client base, which includes major corporations, non-profit organizations, trade associations, issue-based coalitions, mid-sized businesses, and large national conventions.

Our Clients

Slide “I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan and his team to advocate for education reforms throughout the country. They are a professional, knowledgeable team that you can always count on to be honest and authentic in their advocacy.” – North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler Slide “Ryan and his team provide invaluable insight and excellent representation for our company in North Dakota and Minnesota. Whether we are looking to partner with public officials or have a policy concern to address, we rely on them to position us for a meaningful and productive conversation with the right people” – Anthony T. Wilson, Senior Director, State Government Affairs, Microsoft Slide “Due in large part to their dedication, the Medal of Honor Recipients and their spouses and friends enjoyed the best the Twin Cities had to offer. The week was filled with wonderful events, people, meals, and hospitality that will give us long lasting memories." – Tom Kelley, President, Congressional Medal of Honor Society Slide “Whenever Ryan and his team are working on an issue or event I know that it will be well-organized, thoroughly vetted, and worthy of support.” – Stan Hubbard, Chairman & CEO, Hubbard Broadcasting Slide “I am consistently impressed by the team at Synergetic Endeavors. In my nearly 30 year political career, the best run convention I have ever seen was the one organized by Ryan and his team. Not only do they flawlessly execute every event, but they tend to every detail to ensure the entire experience goes smoothly as possible for our attendees and staff.” – Ken Martin, Chairman, Minnesota DFL Party & President of the Association of State Democratic Committees Slide “Ryan and his team are some of them best at building robust coalitions of unlikely allies. It isn’t easy to bring together big business and labor, attorneys and judges, republicans and democrats, to support a proposal, but they did and it was invaluable to our efforts.” ­– Former Minnesota Governor Al Quie, Board Member, Coalition for Impartial Justice Slide “Every event Ryan and his team puts on for our firm and clients has been wildly successful! From intimate client dinners, to receptions and late-night events with hundreds of attendees, Synergetic Endeavors always delivers a creative and memorable experience.” – Charlie Nauen, Partner, Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P. Slide “Thanks to the team at Synergetic Endeavors, the 2014 NCSL Legislative Summit was a spectacularly successful event. Based on the comments I received from visitors, the SE team absolutely "wowed" them! From the well-run and reliable transportation and the informed and knowledgeable volunteer staff to the delicious food and the fact that they didn't have to wait to get food and a drink –they loved it all. Honestly, I didn't hear a single complaint!” – Minnesota State Senator Sandy Pappas Slide “The entire Synergetic Endeavors team made me and our firm look great every step of the way. Their professionalism and willingness to solve any problem is unparalleled! We are very lucky to have SE, under Ryan's leadership, as a strategic partner.” – Rebecca Kanninen, Partner, Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P. Slide “Synergetic Endeavors helped our company land business from prospects we had been pursuing for years. They excel at identifying the key decision-makers and working every angle to get you in front of them.” – Paul Jordan, CEO, Corval Group Slide “Synergetic Endeavors put the full weight of their firm behind our project, adding much-needed bandwidth and seasoned expertise. They raised more money than even our stretch goal and we received more press coverage than any convention in previous history. We couldn’t have done it without them.” – Liz Dapp, Chairwoman, 2016 Medal of Honor Convention Twin Cities Slide “The team at Synergetic Endeavors is professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, knows how to put the right people in the room at the right time to advance their clients’ advocacy objectives.” – Jim Hynes, Executive Administrator, Pipe Trades Services Minnesota Slide “Since bringing Synergetic Endeavors on board, sponsorships for our annual convention have increased more than ten-fold. Their attention to detail, strategic planning, and work ethic has been invaluable to our organization. ” – Andy Skoogman, Executive Director, Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association Slide “Ryan and his team have a knack for identifying promising business development opportunities, especially when it comes to expanding relationships and increasing revenue from existing clients. Their extensive relationships throughout the Midwest and across the country, coupled with their dependable ability to close, adds meaningful revenue to our bottom line time and time again.” – Ted Grindal, Partner, Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P. Slide “The team at Synergetic Endeavors knows how to build a winning grassroots campaign. We set aggressive goals, and they knock it out of the park every time.” – Brad Roseberry, Vice President, Coalition Against Bigger Trucks Slide “We work with dozens of firms throughout the country on national initiatives, but we always look forward to the opportunity to work with the Synergetic Endeavors team. Synergetic is dependable and reliable -- they intimately understand local political landscapes, always hit their goals, respond quickly and accurately and they embrace tough challenges. They are our first call when we need a local partner in the Midwest and around the country.” – Nicholas Kowalski, Brass Tactics Slide “The Synergetic Endeavors team was absolutely wonderful to work with. We appreciated their attention to detail, quick turnaround on all our questions, and flawless execution in putting on an incredible event.” – Tracy Eichenberger, CHS foundation

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